What is an Aspie Ally? 

An Aspie Ally is person who does not have autism who wants to love, support and empower someone who does. This could include parents, siblings, friends, family members, spouses, coworkers, service providers, and more.

It took me a long time to learn how to educate people in my life about how to be with me. For many years I just didn’t talk about it, fearing I’d be judged, or held to some lower standard. Eventually they’d be repeatedly hurt or upset by something I’d done, and I would eventually tell them that it was related to the fact that I have autism. Most times, they were enormously relieved to learn that all these characteristics they’d noticed in me were related. And through a few simple tools we were able to really deepen our connection.

As an ally, I imagine you are dying to know how to best love and support your Aspie (a person with Autism), and that you want nothing more than for them to be fulfilled and successful in their lives and in their relationship with you.

I would love to support you in this with my How to Love an Aspie Coaching Package.

Through three, 1.5 hour sessions, we will explore:

  • The specific combination of challenges and gifts of your Aspie
  • How to communicate (and how not to communicate) with an Aspie
  • How to deal with conflict and behaviors that irritate you
  • How to support and encourage Aspies to develop their unique gifts
  • How to talk to others about autism
  • Referrals for other resources, programs, and services for you and/or your Aspie

I do this in three sessions spread out over three weeks so that I can support you and answer questions as you implement new strategies, experiment with new tools, and begin to educate other people to people in your life. This allows it to really sink in and make lasting change.

By the end, you will be well on your way to deepening your connection to your Aspie, emphasizing their unique strengths, and using specific tools and strategies to minimize the ways their behavior challenges you.

Multiple allies and Aspies themselves are welcome to take part in the sessions.

Sessions can be done in person for those in the Austin, TX area, or over the phone or video conference. Scheduling is flexible and based on what is convenient for you.

Sign up here and I will give you a call to discuss more details and determine if this is the right next step for you.