Autism and Sexuality: A Panel

Tuesday, June 20th, 7:30pm autism sexuality

OM Center, 5501 N Lamar, ATX 

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Difficulty with communication subtleties, impulse control, and extreme physical sensetivity make sexuality an especially challenging area for autistic people. However our connection to intuition, energetic sensetivity, and ability to hyper-focus can also make us incredible lovers.

OneTaste Austin is excited to host a panel of members of the Austin Autism Community who have been exploring their sexuality. We will tell our stories, and share practices, tips, and tricks we’ve used to turn our autism into a sexual super power.

Panel Members:
Joe Carr – founded to unite fellow Aspies to access their unique gifts. He is also a certified sex and relationship coach, and has a rich sexual life with this beautiful fiance.

Casey Holt – is a senior at UT, and an Introduction Leader and coach for Landmark Worldwide. She has been actively exploring her relationship with her autism and with her sexuality.

Magda Wolk – is the mother of a son with autism. Her practice of Orgasmic Meditation has made her more aware of the way people communicate their desires, including her son.

Mario Alvarez – is a father of three, and is actively exploring how his autism challenges and enhances his sex and relationship with his partner.

Manoj Aggarwal will moderate the panel. Manoj is a certified coach and the head of OneTaste Austin, which teaches the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and courses on relationship, desire, healing, and personal power.

This event is open to all adults 18 years or older. All OneTaste Austin events are drug/alcohol free.

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