New Diagnosis

Did you recently receive a new diagnosis of autism?

I would tell you not to be alarmed. Though I know it’s hard not to be. I was diagnosed at age 23, and amidst all the feelings of being “broken” and having a “disability,” I was also somewhat relieved. It was comforting to realize that my various struggles were all related to each other. And that many of the wonderful gifts I’d taken for granted in myself were also a direct result of my autism.

There is no standard “treatment” for autism. Each Aspie (a person with Autism) has to find their own coping mechanisms, practices, and support systems.

I would love to help walk you through this period with my New Diagnosis Coaching Package.

In three 1.5 hour sessions, I will explore with you:

  • The exact combination of challenges and gifts of your autism
  • Specific tools for dealing with social interactions, communication, anxiety, OCD, and ADD
  • How to emphasize and strengthen your unique gifts
  • How to talk to others about your autism
  • Referrals for other resources, programs, and services

I do this over three sessions spread out over three weeks so that I can continue to support you and answer questions as you implement new coping strategies, experiment with new tools, and begin to educate people to people in your life. This allows it to really sink in and more fully integrate it into your life.

By the end, you will be well on your way to accepting, embracing, and harnessing the gifts of your autism and you’ll have specific tools and strategies for minimizing the challenges.

Loved ones are welcome to take part in the sessions. I would also consider offering this program to someone with a previous autism diagnosis that only recently decided to explore what that means.

Sessions can be done in person for those in the Austin, TX area, or over the phone or video conference. Scheduling is flexile and based on what is convenient for you.

Sign up here and I will give you a call to discuss more details and determine if this is the right next step for you.