Autism and Addiction: A Lecture

Thursday Jan 12th, 7:30pm
Austin Center for Recovery
4110 Guadalupe St #635, Austin, TX
Open to all

Addiction is a part of our culture. Overuse of electronics, excessive shopping, unhealthy eating, destructive sex and romance, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and over-working are all essentially normal. For an autistic person struggling with extreme sensetivity, limited impulse control, and insecurity from years of rejection, we are highly prone to addiction.

The opposite of addiction is connection. And my experience embracing my autism and overcoming my addictions has brought amazing connection to myself, my community, and to spirituality.

I will be discussing the intersection of autism and addiction through my own journey, and I’ll share tools on how to support an Aspie struggling with any kind of addiction.

Open to all
$10 suggested donation (no one turned away)

The Austin Center for Recovery is located on the Austin State Hospital campus off Guadalupe just north of 38th 1/2. Enter off Guadalupe and take your first right, and building #635 is the third building on your left.

Will be streamed live at

How to Love Your Autistic Self

joecarr-7Thursday, December 8th, 7pm
The Om Center, 5501 N Lamar, 78705
Open to all!

Many Aspies (people with Autism) suffer from really low self esteem. We’re told we have a disability, that we’re broken, flawed, or weird. I wasn’t able to make significant progress in my life until I learned to drop this idea and embrace my autism. I had to start loving my autistic self.
Our friends and family play a significant role in helping us learn to love ourselves. I could never have achieved my success without amazing allies loving me and believing in me all the way through.
I am excited to share the ways I learned to love my autistic self, and teach practices that I do regularly to keep my self esteem high. And also teach allies what my friends and family have done that has worked (and not worked) to help get me there.
Open to all
$10 suggested donation (no one turned away)
Located at The OM Center at 5501 N. Lamar C123, on the East side of North Lamar just South of Koenig. It is in the same shopping complex as Titaya’s Thai Restaurant.