Autistic Connection: Different, Not Less

Thursday, November 3rd, 7-9pm
5501 N. Lamar C123, Austin, TX
Open to all

I am going to fully dispel the myth that we are in any way bad at connecting with others. Indeed, connection is an autistic super power. And learning how we do it offers profound implications for the rest of society.
Growing up an Aspie, I had a difficult time making and keeping friends, struggled with dating, and seemed to make enemies everywhere I went. This led me to believe that I was bad with people, a belief that I then continued to make true.
Through personal transformation work, I discovered that I am actaully uniquely gifted at connecting with others. I’m not so good at reading facial expressions or subtleties of language, but I can FEEL people deeply. I was gullible because I was trained to believe people’s words, but when I learned to trust my feelings and intuition, I could easily detect inconsistencies in words and intention. I can even tell when someone is lying to themselves.
By learning to connect through through your body, emotion, and intuition, you can create connection and even intimacy with anyone. I am excited to teach this valuable skill to Aspies and non-Aspies alike!
If you’re autistic (or otherwise neurodivergent), come tap into this superpower. If you love someone who is autistic, come learn a deeper way of being with them. If you have any relationships at all, come learn how to take it to another level.
Open to all people interested in connection, intimacy, autism, or neurodivergent relating.
$10 (no one turned away)
Located at 5501 N. Lamar C123, on the East side of North Lamar just South of Koenig. It is in the same shopping complex as Titaya’s Thai Restaurant, and there’s an old sign over the suite that says CRT Awards, Inc.